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Finances and the management of wealth can be very stressful for so many families.  Our approach is to help families address all the associated issues which come up with managing wealth including taxation, budgeting, estate planning, risk management and of course investing!  As trusted advisors, we can orchestrate the expert resources you need, when you need them.


For holistic wealth management, a plan is foundational.  It’s through a detailed understanding of your entire financial picture that we can predict future cashflow, understand the different income streams and the resulting tax consequences and thus provide guidance around tax mitigation and risk management.

As Certified Financial Planner™ professionals, we follow a structured process to develop your financial plan. We will help you address financial risks and will make recommendations on appropriate investment solutions if in your best interest.  We do this in coordination with your CPA and/or legal professionals as appropriate.

If you don’t have these professional resources, no problem.  We can either quarterback the team of specialists who we believe will best meet your individual and specific needs, or just help you with referrals!


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Investing with Purpose

We continuously strive to understand your complete financial picture.  Investments are the critically important outcome of a thorough planning process. Wealth Management & Financial Planning should always remain aligned! 

Always acting as fiduciaries, we seek to provide the best investment solutions with the lowest expenses. Driven by a clear understanding of our client’s needs and goals, we provide a diverse set of investment options.

As independent financial advisors, we are not connected with, nor have incentive to sell specific products.  Our relationship with Harbour Investments, Inc. allows us to leverage the resources, research and agreements that have been established by a firm supporting more than 220 independent financial advisors.

ETF Model Portfolios

ETFs (exchange traded funds) are the backbone for our “model portfolios” which seek to provide balanced and diversified investments at low expense.  We believe in the research which has repeatedly shown that actively picking stocks doesn’t result in out-performance over index funds after considering expenses.

Direct Indexing (DI)

Direct Indexing (DI) allows the investor to get index like returns while using individual stocks.  DI is a newer investment solution aided by advances in technology.  DI can be a good choice for clients with specific investing needs including: concentrated positions (too much in a single stock); tax loss management needs, and the goal to invest in alignment with personal values. 

Tax Loss Harvesting

It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you take home.  As taxes can eat away at investment performance, being tax aware is important, though often a secondary consideration.  We have built our toolset and have created the partnerships to provide options for our high net worth clients who need more active Tax Loss Management. 

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Fees & Hourly Rates

We offer premium wealth management & financial planning services with lower than industry average fees.  You can see our current rate card here:

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Premium Wealth Management at lower than industry avg fees* : HTTPS://WWW.NERDWALLET.COM/ARTICLE/INVESTING/HOW-MUCH-DOES-A-FINANCIAL-ADVISOR-COST
Data and analysis does not represent the expected future performance of any investment product or strategy. Investments involve risks, including possible loss of principal.
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